(These are the lessons that I have actually given in my 3 years of teaching AP Physics.)

Stage 0:  So, Torque is force multiplied by the distance to the pivot point.  You must use the component of the force that is perpendicular to the distance.  Torque makes things rotate.  Awesome, huh?

Stage 1:  Torque lab stations:  

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Stage 2: We started class by watching this video: The obvious question is "holy crap, how did that happen?" which provided a nice segue from our study of fluid mechanics (which we are just finishing) into torque.  We started by listing factor that might affect whether or not a truck would get knocked over by wind. We then analyzed the fluid mechanics behind it and began our analysis of the actual tipping. (I have to admit I am a little embarrassed that stage 0 and stage 1 are real lessons that at one point I thought were pretty awesome.